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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Hypertherm® 200 - 600 V Powermax65® Plasma Cutter

Airgas Part #:HYP083271


Manufacturer #:083271

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$3,225.00 Each
$3,225.00 Each

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Item Details

  • Hypertherm® Powermax65® Air/Nitrogen Plasma Cutter has 200 - 600 V input voltage, 139 VDC output voltage and output current rating of 20 - 65 A. Plasma cutter with 3/4" recommended cutting capacity offering maximum pierce of 5/8" is used in hand cutting, gouging, automated cutting in X-Y table, track systems, pipe systems and robotic systems. Plasma cutter with 1 1/4" maximum severance includes 75 deg hand torch and 50' leads and features a Smart Sense™ technology that sets the correct air pressure depending upon the torch length and operating mode. The straighter machine as well as the robotic torches offer great versatility, provide exceptional cut and gouge quality. It takes less time for grinding and edge preparation and wide voltage tolerance enhances the performance on motor generators and in-line low conditions. The Duramax™ torch renders high impact and heat-resistance and decreases the energy consumption with its high power efficiency. The enhanced shield decreases the dross build-up and permits smoother drag cutting for a better cut. The SpringStart™ technology delivers uniform starting and produces fast cut speeds. It endures harsh working conditions and stimulates low maintenance, low operating cost for longevity. A gas inlet flow rate/pressure of 189 l/min at 5.6 bar is recommended for cutting and a gas inlet flow rate/pressure of 212 l/min at 4.8 bar is recommended for gouging. Cutter measuring 19.7" X 9.2" X 17.9" offers a duty cycle of 100% at 46 A, 230 - 600 V, 1/3 PH, 40% at 65 A, 200 - 208 V, 1/3 PH and 50% at 65 A, 230 - 600 V, 1/3 PH.


  • Maximum productivity
  • Superior cut and gouge quality means less time spent on grinding and edge preparation
  • Easy-to-use for cutting and gouging
  • Smart Sense™ technology automatically sets correct air pressure based on torch length and operating mode
  • Handheld, straight machine and robotic torches for greater versatility and ease-of-use
  • Wide voltage tolerance improves performance on motor generators and in low-line conditions
  • Built and tested to withstand the harshest conditions
  • Duramax™ torches are designed for high impact and heat-resistance
  • SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch
  • Low maintenance for maximum uptime- it keeps on going
  • Low operating cost
  • Long consumable life for lower cost and more uptime
  • High power efficiency lowers energy consumption
  • Improved shield reduces dross buildup and enables smoother drag cutting for a better cut
  • Fast cut speeds: 150% faster than oxyfuel on 12 mm (1/2") mild steel


  • Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressure: Cutting: 189 l/min (400 scfh


  • 75° Hand Torch
  • 50' Lead


  • Hand cutting
  • Gouging
  • Automated cutting: X-Y table, track systems, pipe systems, robotic systems

Product Attributes

Trade Name

» Powermax
» Powermax65®

Input AC Voltage

» 200 - 600 V

Recommended Cutting Capacity

» 3/4"


» Air
» Nitrogen

Maximum Cutting Thickness

» 1"

Maximum Severance

» 1 1/4"

Maximum Pierce

» 5/8"

Output DC Amps (Max)

» 65

Rated Output Voltage

» 140V DC

Duty Cycle

» 100% @ 46 A
» 40% @ 65 A
» 50% @ 65 A

Physical Size

» 19.7" X 9.2" X 17.9"


» 65 lb